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Eyeglasses that Make a Statement

The Right Fit for Your Personality

We've all seen those old movies in which the dowdy librarian removes her glasses and lets her hair down to be revealed as an unappreciated knockout, but generally things are not that simple. It’s not hard to find a pair of designer frames that look great, but are they the right fit for your face and your personal image?

What Are Your Eyeglasses Saying About You?

Eyeglasses can add to or detract from the image you present to others. Your face is the first thing most people see and notice about you, and your eyeglass choice can say as much or more about who you are than your shoes or even the clothes you wear.

The Styles that Fit

Before you shop for eyeglasses, take a moment and think about what personality traits you want your glasses to enhance. Do you live for fun and good times and want the world to know it? Or are you looking for a conservative look that inspires trust and confidence? Would you prefer to be thought of as sophisticated or trendy? A risk taker or conservative? Do you prefer old school or modern styling? Whatever you choose, you’ll find the styles to fit at Markham Vision Centre. Stop in today to view our selection. If you are looking for compliments, just remember that people do not compliment the ordinary.

Professional Eye Care from Licensed Opticians in Markham

Markham Vision Centre offers a full range of top quality vision services for the entire family, with personalized attention for everyone from toddlers to seniors. We provide on-site eye exams performed by educated and experienced optometrists who have been doing this for more than 30 years.

We also have Licensed Opticians to fit you with eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses that are as attractive as they are functional. We take the time to fit the frame to each individual person, as not everyone fits in the same frame. Your frames should fit both your prescription and your face, so we take the time to ensure this is the case. Think children can be hard to fit? We have a selection of children’s frames to delight your child as well as your pocketbook.

We are moving forward with our technology, and we carry the most popular and trusted brands of contact lenses. Your sight is one of your most precious possessions. Protect it with professional optical services from the experts at Markham Vision Centre. Contact our office today to schedule a personal consultation and assessment of your needs.

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